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Field Daze

Summer Events at Reinheimer Ranch


Photo Credit: Thia Konig



We are so excited to see you again in the field for our
third annual Field Daze Summer Events series!
Co Founders, Cathy Reinheimer & Lila Claghorn

Presented by Lila Claghorn & Field Daze/Wet Lab Prods.
Field Daze Summer Events operates on the Reinheimer Trust Property in accordance with a C. U. P. from the City of Ketchum through September 13th, 2021


"Field Daze brought us together as a community last year, at a time when a pandemic tried to keep us apart. I am truly thankful for those magical evenings of chorus and culture and I look forward to more delightful Daze ahead!" Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw


"Lila and Cathy created a safe, special and wonderfully unique event series seemingly out of thin air with Field Daze. Spending an evening under the stars at Reinheimer Ranch (with takeout from Rickshaw and a bottle of wine, naturally) was a highlight of the summer!"


"There's nothing in our community quite like Field Daze, and the fact that it grew and succeeded in such a challenging time is a testament to how needed and enjoyed it is."

"Thanks to Lila's tireless work, and Cathy's kindness and generosity in opening up her beautiful ranch to all of us, we just can't wait for Field Daze again."


"We enjoyed Field Daze last summer and how much we are looking forward to the shows this summer.  A big 'thank you' to Lila Claghorn & Cathy Reinheimer for this addition to our wonderful Sun Valley/Ketchum evening entertainment options!"


"Being able to enjoy laughter, food, friends, and music under the stars and next to the horses was an incredible tonic after months of being away from all of those comforts. I take heart in knowing that Field Daze will continue and that we will be able to come together as a community once more to enjoy the arts."

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